Monday, June 17, 2013

Ristorante da Giacomo

I kind of expected quite a bit considering how much Lawrence was hyping it but at the same time with my experiences of nice Italian places last year, I wasn't that naive.

Not saying it's bad by any means, but perhaps just not entirely my taste. 

Really pretty interior tho! 

Had mixed seafood platter. The tartare was really good, and I think the squid? That was good too, oyster was nice. Not big fan of the shrimps. The dark red was a bit fishy. 

Then had the Giacomo gnocchi. It was pretty good actually, well I always like gnocchi, it's with shrimp and squid, the sauce was slightly weird? Lol idk, very seafoody. Not crazy about it. 

Best thing was the raspberry tart that was €10 but super delicious. I was already super full after the gnocchi but still managed to finish this in its entirety somehow. 

Total came up to €57. Not really crazy about it, nice place but prob won't pay that to go on my own again. (Unlike ahem Saturne.)