Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Le Train Bleu New York

Le Train Bleu interior

Gorgeous place inside~ Had the prix fixe $42 per person. 

Foie Gras Sliders brioche with medallions of foie gras and fig preserves, caramelized shallots, balsamic glaze
- Nice! Glaze was a bit too much maybe, very sweet, but I like sweet so not complaining. Pretty large plate for appetizer 

Wild Mushroom Crepe shiitake and morel mushrooms in a light supreme sauce, mushroom and veal demi-glace
- Alright but nothing to write home about. Not bad or anything, but will def take the foie gras over this 

Filet Rossini grilled filet mignon on a garlic, shredded crouton, topped with a side of foie gras, truffled demi-glaze roasted fingerling potatoes, asparagus
- Not bad, too much sauce on foie gras itself too, but steak was good. Asked for rare and came medium rare-ish

Grilled Mexican Loin Lamb Chop served on braised & roasted cauliflower
- Asked for medium rare and came medium rare ish, a lot thicker than I expect of most lamb chop. Loved it

Berry Tart
- Too sour

Creme Brulee
- Good!

Foie Gras Sliders
Wild Mushroom Crepe
Filet Rossini grilled filet mignon
Lamb Chop


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