Sunday, February 3, 2013


 I think this was the best meal I had in Paris on my food trip besides Robuchon, made all the more interesting with their use of ingredients.

1st course - crumbs of blue cheese with leek and mustard flower, over parsley ice cream and pine nuts. I'm not a huge fan of strong cheese but this was well within my limits and suited the taste combination perfectly. Really refreshing and filled me with happpiness. :D

2nd - Normandy oyster with shallot cream, pear, raw radish and watercress. Oyster was super super good.

3rd - smoked eel with beetroot and horseradish cream. I think the beetroot was chilled, the contrast in temperature really does amazing things for the taste.

4th - brill, chorizo and fennel. The brill was very sweet and deliciously perfect with the sauces.

5th - grilled lamb. One of the best I've had, taste and cooking were perfection.

6th - goat cheese parfait with carrot sorbet. I could eat 5 of these. The goat cheese was soooo mild I didn't think it was possible. Complimented the carrot sorbet wonderfully.

7th - dark chocolate panache and straw ice cream. Yeah I know, straw ice cream, wtf? I had to ask the waitress to explain before she brought a bread basket that was cushioned with straws and said "straw, this". -_-;;; It smelled amazing, taste was pretty mild. My only complaint is probably that the dark chocolate was too sweet for me.

Will definitely go back again.


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