Wednesday, January 8, 2014

EN Japanese Brasserie

New Year's Eve

Kin Kaiseki Menu $165

Wagyu tartare, Peale Passage oyster with apple mignonette, Tasmanian sea trout temari sushi, takenoko tosa yaki, snow crab isobe age, amadai kobujime with caviar, uni mousse, saikyo miso scallop, yuba sashimi mozuku seaweed, and karasumi
- The oyster, AMAZING. The apple mignonette makes it.. damn. So good. And love that it wasn't very fishy. 
- Uni mousseeeee. awesome. 
- Scallop was very thick and heavy, not my fav way but still really good
- First time having karasumi, interesting. Dried mullet roes *_* 
- Snow crab isobe age was great, reminded me almost a bit of prawn crackers? Lol in a totally good way

assorted sashimi 
8 varieties
- great! fresh~

Kodai nishu yaki
grilled Japanese sea bream, two ways, with uni and nori
- I actually really loved the nori one. Always love uni but don't know if it really gels with the sea bream, Nori tho brings out the flavor amazingly. (still love uni tho.. ofc)

Japanese beef from Miyazaki, Japan with Rokusuke salt

Lobster tempura soba 
tempura fried lobster with buckwheat noodles in a dashi broth
- normal~

assorted dessert 
amazake, chestnut monaka ice cream sandwich, matcha green tea pudding, and a hojicha cookie
- chestnut ice cream sandwich was cool 
- green tea pudding was nice, wish there was more

Freshly pounded mochi 
coated in ground black sesame

we also got to pound mochi, which is like, super awesomeeee. great memory :D

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Le Train Bleu New York

Le Train Bleu interior

Gorgeous place inside~ Had the prix fixe $42 per person. 

Foie Gras Sliders brioche with medallions of foie gras and fig preserves, caramelized shallots, balsamic glaze
- Nice! Glaze was a bit too much maybe, very sweet, but I like sweet so not complaining. Pretty large plate for appetizer 

Wild Mushroom Crepe shiitake and morel mushrooms in a light supreme sauce, mushroom and veal demi-glace
- Alright but nothing to write home about. Not bad or anything, but will def take the foie gras over this 

Filet Rossini grilled filet mignon on a garlic, shredded crouton, topped with a side of foie gras, truffled demi-glaze roasted fingerling potatoes, asparagus
- Not bad, too much sauce on foie gras itself too, but steak was good. Asked for rare and came medium rare-ish

Grilled Mexican Loin Lamb Chop served on braised & roasted cauliflower
- Asked for medium rare and came medium rare ish, a lot thicker than I expect of most lamb chop. Loved it

Berry Tart
- Too sour

Creme Brulee
- Good!

Foie Gras Sliders
Wild Mushroom Crepe
Filet Rossini grilled filet mignon
Lamb Chop