Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hakkasan NYC

Place was loud, but I guess that's 99% of the places in NY. Servers were super busy, messed up our bills twice before we gave up and just paid. Those things aside, everything else was amaaaazing.

Eden (black grapes, rose sugar, lychee juice and soda water) - not too sweet, really enjoyed it

Small Eat

Hakka steamed dim sum platter (har gau, scallop shumai and Chinese chive dumpling) - super awesome

Crispy duck roll and sesame prawn toast - roll was perhaps a little too hard/deeply fried, prawn toast was great tho


Sanpei chicken claypot with Thai sweet basil - super tender! haven't had sanpei chicken in a while and this was amazing. can definitely go stronger with the spices but it wasn't bland or anything. loved it.

Grilled Chilean seabass with Chinese honey, fried shimeji mushrooms and gai lan - melt-in-your-mouth awesomeness. and love the touch of sweetness from the honey. so good.

Fried rice - yum


Chocolate dumplings - it was... tangyuan with chocolate fillings inside. GENIUS. so simple and incredible.

Coconut panna cotta - with some pistachio, pineapple etc i think? great variety of taste in a small dessert, very nice.

Also got $38 voucher for spending after restaurant week which is super sweet. Overall totally happy, def have a better impression of this one than London's.


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