Thursday, April 3, 2014


This post only exists because: pretty pictures.

I feel like I must be the only person out there who didn't enjoy Atera.

Maybe my expectations were too high, or maybe because we were 20min late (shitty of us). But overall I think the taste just didn't suit my palate, which is weird cuz I'm totally not a very fussy eater. I was so excited about the menu! Oh well. At least I liked all the desserts.

Anyway, pictures!

Beef foam macaron with caviar, liked this
Beets coated in beeswax
Trout roe on crisps
Lobster roll
Quail egg
Marrow in hearts of palm

Sea Urchin with Nasturtium and Squash

Diver Scallop

Standish Oyster

Cheesecake and Lemon Sherbet
Milk and Crackers (my fav)
Walnut Sundae
Bourbon Cask Ice Cream Sandwich


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