Friday, August 9, 2013

Russian Tea Room

I had the red borscht, it was pretty good. I'd grown to like beet a lot after the Paris trip so.

Nick bad the blinchik which was delicious. The truffle was soooo good. Imma get that next time.

I had the chicken à la king, sautéed chicken breast with mixed roasted peppers and mushrooms in light cream sauce over herb spatzle. Omg the spatzle was so good!!! It's a German pasta or something? Reminds me of 面疙瘩 >_>. I want some now lol. Chicken was very tender and juicy too.

Nick had the beef. The red wine sauce was delicious. Overall very good I think.

We both got the chocolate pyramid. Has some raspberry filling that wasn't too overwhelming. Overall just spot on. Will go back again maybe, so pricey though, but kinda wanna try their high tea, their bread was so good!! Are breads all so good at NY places lol?


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